Brendan O'Kane
CEO and Managing Director, Otherlevels

OtherLevels Announces UK Client Win

20 MAY 2019 1 MIN READ

OtherLevels Holdings Limited (ASX: OLV) (“OtherLevels”), announces that it has signed a leading UK based provider of online casino, slots and bingo games.

The client will use OtherLevels as the messaging platform within their new sportsbook solution, supporting their sports betting partnership with a globally recognised and respected iconic brand.

The client will initially deploy app and web push, as well as interstitial message types, as part of an integrated omni-channel digital offering within the solution. Working with OtherLevels digital marketing specialists, usage of OtherLevels is expected to expand to use further message types. The initial order is valued at in excess of A$75,000.

Brendan O'Kane, OtherLevels CEO commented, "This is a significant win for OtherLevels, and we are pleased that OtherLevels capabilities have been recognised. We expect that integration with the client's new sportsbook solution will open future opportunities. We look forward to working closely with them to make this a win/win for both organisations."

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